An analysis of the terms of conformity and obedience to society

While Adolf Hitler is the most well-known villain, Adolf Eichmann was responsible for developing and implementing the plan for the best way to collect, transport, and slaughter those who were to die.

What is Conformity?

Indeed, there are many factors that contribute to an individual's desire to remain independent of the group. This article relates to persuasion since it highlights important elements for persuasion through video advertisements.

The subjects pretended to be doing something creative while the participants gave them ever increasing levels of electrical shocks. They were then asked to estimate the amount it moved. Discussions with the participants afterwards led to the discovery that the participants could orally disengage from what they were doing when the subjects were dehumanized Zimbardo, The participants were male college students who were asked to engage in a seemingly simple task.

His primary research interests are in the area of social influence, especially processes related to obedience, compliance and social norms.

While compliance implies abiding by social norms or through request, acceptance is more of inward conformity. But, would participants intentionally give a wrong answer just to conform with the other participants? Archives of Psychology, 27 Outside Resources Student Video: Consider a classic study conducted many years ago by Solomon Asch This peer moderated conformity increases from the transition of childhood to adolescence.

Obedience to Authority

Jenness was the first psychologist to study conformity. A person is most likely to use informational social influence in certain situations: He adopts the induced behavior because it is congruent [consistent] with his value system' Kelman,p.

Beyond this automatic tendency to imitate others, psychologists have identified two primary reasons for conformity. Individuals generally choose to conform primarily because most individual have the desire to be liked and one way of achieving this is to agree and behave like others [contradictions might not lead to acceptance].

Internalisation always involves public and private conformity. It is similar to normative influence, but is motivated by the need for social rewards rather than the threat of rejection, i. When someone tries to persuade another person it is the intention of the individual to do so, while social influence can come from intentional as well as unintentional acts.

Asymmetric perceptions of conformity and their roots in an introspection illusion. It was only after the teacher pressed the volt lever three times that the experimenter announced that the study was over.Obedience is the process by which individuals comply with the instructions given by an authority figure not to be confused with conformity.

There is one similarity between obedience and conformity which is that both involved a renunciation Of personal responsibility. There is three differences between Obedience and Conformity. Conformity and Obedience by Jerry M. Burger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International License.

Conformity, Obedience, and Infuence in Social Psychology

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available in our Licensing Agreement. Obedience is a part of the foundation of society. Without obedience, naught would exist but chaos and anarchy.

Without stability, productivity and the well-being of the citizens become non-existent. In this section, we discuss additional ways in which people influence others.

The topics of conformity, social influence, obedience, and group processes demonstrate the power of the social situation to change our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

- Obedience and Conformity Both obedience and conformity involve social pressure in obedience the pressure comes from behaving as you are instructed to do; whereas in conformity the pressure comes from group norms Behaviour in obedience is determined by social power, whereas in conformity it is influenced mostly by the need for acceptance.

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Analysis of Persuasion and Conformity and Obedience&nbspTerm Paper

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An analysis of the terms of conformity and obedience to society
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