Designing the sales territories

Yeah, this is, Greg, this is somewhat the diamonds are in the detail when it comes to predicting the available customer spend, right. It allows you to directly send your templates to your printer or convert them into PDF and PowerPoint presentation.

Start the territory design process by looking at your entire market. Brennan says when a company is first starting out, its goal should be to create sales territories that stay valid for about a year.

You can also add real-time activities in each area to help you monitor your current sales development. When you do your territory planning, look to the future.

Step 3 — Determine Market Potential. Our vision is that when you think of logistics, you think of DHL. The challenge of maintaining the best territories does not end with a single realignment.

You can even designate colors to areas for presentation purposes with mouse-over summaries for each area. Unfortunately, when a sales leader misses his or her number and sometimes loses his or her job, the root cause is poorly defined territories. And he spoke about how he does this.

Designing Sales Territories

If your organization has market segments, this is a good time to look at each of those segments individually. Step 2 — Analyze Existing Customer Spend.

Does the territory design provide for adequate income opportunities? Many emerging growth firms have a long-range sales-staffing plan, but add sales reps over a number of months to match incremental costs to increased revenue.

In some cases, it may be necessary to identify and assign both headquarters locations and buying centers.

Sales Territory Design: A Systematic Approach

So, a good example, right, the hi-tech sector, we have a tremendous amount of hi-tech business in Silicon Valley in California, you have another cluster in Texas. Whether money is being spent on putting reps in the field, developing an inside sales team or selling through channel partners — or a combination of all three — cost of sales is often one of the largest line items in the corporate budget.

But do consider sales deals "in play," important customer relationships and the morale of your sales team before adjusting territories. Read captivating articles written by professional journalists about how sales and marketing leaders are making the number. Territory Intelligence Territory Action Plan The key is to have a territory design in place before you start developing your territory planning.

Review the Sales Territories Periodically Sales managers make a common mistake of blaming the territory for a bad salesperson. So, when I say activity, I mean kind of a workload analysis. Changes in market focus and sales force size, shifting demographics, new product offerings and repositioning, increased competition, and the relocation of offices and personnel all demand periodic changes to your sales territories.(4) Assigning sales people to territories - designing territories - once the sales territories have been established, management can assign individual salespeople to each district - in any given sales force, reps may differ in selling effectiveness, age, physical condition, initiative, and creativity.

Designing Sales Territories by Sales Benchmark Index December 29, Creating a sales territory map isn’t an abstract process — it should be designed with an end-goal in mind. Home Uncategorized Top 10 Free Mapping Software For Sales Territories.

Sales Territory Design: A Systematic Approach

Top 10 Free Mapping Software For Sales Territories. February 12,Editor, 12 Comments. It lets you map and design territories – also including an automatic designer.

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Designing sales territories correctly impacts the likelihood of meeting sales objectives and how well products and services perform in the market. Tim Robertson, US Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHL, has experience designing territories on an international scale, and you will learn much from his unique perspective.

Territories with indices significantly above 1- T- Territories Sorted by Workload palmolive2day.coming Sales Territories That Increase Sales Figure it is possible to see the extent of workload imbalance.

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Designing the sales territories
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