Essay on women and their backwardness in india

Rotated Component Matrix According to the Rotated Component Matrix obtained as a result of Principal Components Analysis, the five set of questions can be primarily grouped into 3 set of factors which are as follows: Women empowerment is a process of creating awareness and capacity building.

Before drawing conclusion it may be mentioned that the task of the school authorities in India is to prepare the girls for the triple role she will have to play in adult life. Women are considered in the society only to perform duties like bring up children, caring every family member, and other household activities.

Women are considered as inferior to men so they are not allowed to join military services. Major Challenges in development of Indian women Today the main problems before Indian women are: Since they cannot see any direct relationship between education and economic betterment, they have very little motivation to send their children to school.

The tradition of Devadasi culture can be traced back to as early as the 7th century, particularly in southern parts of India during the reigns of the CholasChelasand Pandyas. Most of the girls drop out of schools due to the unavailability of separate toilets for them.

Especially in times of communal violence, caste conflicts, observance of festivals and religious functions on a mass scale, minority groups often seek police protection. They should be given decision-making powers and due position in governance.

Girls will not only render service to humanity as mothers and first educators of the next generation, but, as women, they will make special contributions to the creation of a just world order -- an order characterized by vigor, cooperation, harmony, and a degree of compassion.

And are they educated till the age boys are? Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay 1 words The culture and tradition of India is considered as old and great all over the world where people used to worship various female goddesses, saints and poets.

Annie Besant became the first female president of the Indian National Congress. The Government should identify and eliminate such forces that work to keep alive the tradition of male dominance over its female counterpart by issuing inhumane and unlawful diktats.

Are women in the country getting their deserved rights? There has been a failure in transforming the available women base into human resource. Major issues are interconnected and ultimately hindering the economic growth of the Nation.

Also by looking at communalities and rotated component matrix, we can come at a fair conclusion of which variables or questions to remove from the questionnaire. Facts and data clearly show low socio-economic status of Indian women.

Home making is women's prime responsibility 2. In some cases, the condition of women become more embarrassed when they get tortured by their family members instead of getting help. They should make their decisionby their own choice.

Many women have emerged as leaders of local movements; for example, Medha Patkar of the Narmada Bachao Andolan. The ordeal that an Indian girl faces at birth is only the beginning of a lifelong struggle to be seen and heard.

The denial of equality between the sexes perpetrates an injustice against one-half of the world's population and promotes in men harmful attitudes and habits that are carried from the family to the work place, to political life, and ultimately to international relations.

This is relevant in all the cases whether they belong to SC, ST or general category. This situation does not reflect any discrimination.

Problems and Issues of Women Education in India

Women form a chain of knowledge that she has. Inaround dowry death cases was registered in India according to the Indian National Crime Bureau reports. Right to equality under Article 14 of the Indian Constitution guarantees to all Indian women equality before law; Equal pay for equal work under Article 39 dguards the economic rights of women by guaranteeing equal pay for equal work; and Maternity Relief under Article 42, allows provisions to be made by the state for securing just and humane condition of work and maternity relief for women.

Using this guideline, 9 statements were rejected and only 16 statements were retained which were proper representative of the underlying constructs. Girls children are becoming real victims of the discrimination. Women as main worker Women as marginal worker Census Women major contribution in an economy is in unorganized sector, where they are marginal and are at a threshold to get out of the system.

Some dichotomous questions have also been included in order to elicit yes-or- no responses to certain situations. Girls have no property rights like boys forever.India is also a powerful nation and famous worldwide for being the largest democracy in the world however, women backwardness is also very clear in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and lots of restrictions against women.

The main question is why it is so, is women are responsible for their backwardness or men or lots of women’s responsibilities in home. Status of Women in India Essay. Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay. Violence against Women in India Essay.

Women Empowerment Speech. The Indian Education Commissionrightly emphasized, “For full development of our human resources, the improvement of homes and for moulding the character of children during the most impressionable years of their infancy, the education of girls is of greater importance than that of boys”.

Essay on Women Issues in India. The women backwardness is also very clear in the Indian society because of the social issues, problems and lots of restrictions against women.

Issues and Problems faced by Women in India Essay

Women in India are considered as a burden for their parents and husbands as they think that women are here only to consume money whole life without earning anything.

For the sake of making economic recovery, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that promoting women to participate in economy and increasing their productivity is the key to economic growth because it will create an effect on “the competitiveness and growth of our economies.” (cited Sharma &.

What are the reasons behind Indian Muslims' backwardness (educational, social, political, and economic)?

India's Muslim women fight against instant divorce That is why even here on quora Indian Muslims constantly have to prove their loyalty to India. They are constantly asked about which camp they belong to. At times, it is so apparent.

Essay on women and their backwardness in india
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