Role of the congress in strategic intelligence essay

The oversight not only encompassed the President and the White House staff, but also extended to the office of independent counsel, specifically its authority, jurisdiction, and expenditures.

In addition to gathering intelligence, fostering resistance and spreading disinformation behind enemy lines, OSS operatives carried out soldier rescues, guerilla warfare and sabotage, among other missions.

Interestingly, the top positions of American intelligence agencies have experienced high turn-over rates in recent years. The functions of the Congress on affairs of strategic intelligence are carried out through commissions that are comprised of Congress members that have been selected and led by a president.

It provides information on planning, command and control, interorganizational coordination, and operations required to defeat external threats to, and aggression against, the homeland, or against other threats as directed by the President.

The Congress relies on the GAO for audit studies and fiscal inadvertence of Intelligence Community and other bureaus that are under its authorization. From Secrets to Policy, 5th Ed. Oversight power is an essential check in monitoring the presidency and controlling public policy.

Volume I identifies capabilities and initiatives needed by DoD to fulfill its responsibilities to protect force when directed and to protect the homeland. The organization also developed its own counterintelligence operation, known as the X-2 branch, which could operate overseas but had no jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.

The terrorist attack in the United States in September was seen by many as a massive intelligence failure. In most cases, however, the CIA used missile strikes fired by unmanned vehicles drones to kill al-Qaeda members. GAO is considered to be the fact-finding arm that is portion of the Congress and it is chiefly focused on affairs and issues that are related to budgets of the Intelligence Community.

How many of you have supermarket discount cards? The authority to oversee derives from these constitutional powers. By the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act ofa director and a deputy director of national intelligence, responsible for coordinating the activities of all U.

Given extensive power to conduct foreign intelligence operations, the CIA was charged with advising the NSC on intelligence matters, correlating and evaluating the intelligence activities of other government agencies, and carrying out other intelligence activities as the NSC might require.

During the Cold War most of that work was focused on the military and the military-industrial complex of the Soviet Union.

OSS: The Predecessor of the CIA

Incongressional inquiry into a proposal to consolidate border inspection operations of the U. Overlapping was intentionally created amongst the intelligence authorities in order to give policy makers different aspects of foreign policy as well as weed-out the information deemed insignificant or less important.

It also sometimes served as a mediator between the Palestinian Authority and the government of Israel. The guidelines provided by the Congress are chiefly about the schemes that are to be used in the aggregation of strategic intelligence by the Intelligence Community and the intelligence merchandises that are needed.

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Role of the Congress in Strategic Intelligence Essay

Intelligence Community and became the primary impetus in shaping the strategic focus of U. The stuff you get in your mailbox is very much determined by what you put when you scan your card. Some of the most publicized are the comparatively rare investigations by select committees into major scandals or into executive branch operations gone awry.

Congress could not reasonably or responsibly exercise these powers without knowing what the executive was doing; how programs were being administered, by whom, and at what cost; and whether officials were obeying the law and complying with legislative intent.

Their identities remained classified untilwhen the National Archives released OSS personnel records. Firstly, the enemy was no longer a nation-state.

Bush and agreed with a drastic foreign policy overhaul. It is this point in history where American intelligence would gain momentum becoming a necessary tool in the decisions made by American policy-makers.

This was proven after the December attacks on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces.Tutorials for Question # categorized under Political Science and General Political Science.

Role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence

The History of the Intelligence Community in the United States can be traced back to intelligence operations conducted by then General Washington in the revolutionary army and as his time of the first president of the United States of America. Bruce Bennett will brief Congress on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, the role of China, implications for U.S.

What ought to be the proper role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence?

policy, and more. Strategic Rethink: Choices for America in a Turbulent World. References Army Strategic Documents and Resources Posture Statement is an unclassified summary of Army roles, missions, accomplishments, plans, and programs.

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Is there a proper role in oversight of strategic intelligence activities, in ensuring that the policy expressed in budget and appropriations laws is being followed, in ensuring that the will of the people and the necessity of national security is being carried out properly by the executive branch of government?

When the Central Intelligence Agency was established as part of the National Security Act ofits role to monitor national intelligence, by coordinating the information collected by the various departments of government, was supplemented by a recommendation of a review group that the CIA create an Office of Research Reports (ORR) to collect and examine economic information.

Role of the congress in strategic intelligence essay
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