Sales distribution of madura garments

Severity Determine all failure modes based on the functional requirements and their effects. With changing rooms designed as igloos, and others suspended over glass floors with pebbles, the stores allow the child to conjure up an adventure.

Manpower Planning21 Step 2: Their advertisements usually feature foreign men and women, indicating that they are a universal and more international brand catering to both sexes. Channels like Market development partners MDPs are generally employed in areas that are geographically or logistically difficult to handle exclusively.

A high detection number indicates that the chances are high that the failure will escape detection, or in other words, that the chances of detection are low.

The proper Sales distribution of madura garments methods need to be chosen. MBOs usually adopt branded shelf approach for stocking various products. The products move from the factory to major wholesalers who then distribute tham to regional distributors who finally take the product to the retail shop floor.

In this stage prospect and the salesman come in contact with each other face-to-face. What have we been doing well? A six sigma process is one in which Salesman gives the description about the product to the prospect through this as follow: Agentwise breakup of sales amount Proportion of sales made through agents as opposed to directly 5.

Identify the principal issues currently affecting service levels b.

Madura Garments

This is how the system works In-store feedback is captured through iPads via a simple survey which takes a maximum of 90 seconds. They claim to be the only company in the world to have a diverse product range of nearly 20, design and colours of suiting fabric to suit every age, occasion and style.

The customer feedback is processed by a dedicated analytics team comprising of statisticians and retail analysts. The second category is the brand extension products that are sourced by companies and sold through the channels.


The company exports merchandise to different countries where it operates in and to other retailers to. Selecting Channel Members The channel strategy has to be such that the product fulfills its potential to act as a brand accelerator and complete the Lifestyle promise of the brand. Of these the most popular ones are those where the lead character is playing with puppies while still in his suit, the ad featuring the relationship between a father and a son-in-law, between a father and a daughter, father and son and one showing that between the teacher and his students.

Product pricing The product was introduced in the premium range in the Indian market. Louis Philippe Perfect Shirt Edition Lead edge collar for a perfect balance, firm cuff, lock stitch for durability, pucker free seams, button shanking with wrapping and split yoke for a unique stretch and added comfort.

This is the last stage of the presentation and demonstration, in this salesman does the analysis after the presentation as: The reason they chose to enter the footwear category were many.

Create cross-functional platforms to act on the insights gained and close the loop with customers - both at an individual level as well as in making strategic changes to the business. Notting Hill is retailed across India in a phased manner beginning with Pune and other cities in Maharashtra.

International presence inDubai, Sharjah, Qatar and Kathmandu. This multilayered channel is responsible for lesser return.

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An old product packaged in a different way or an old product marketed in a different way might also be called a new product. Concept development and testing: In this way it is convenient to write these effects down in terms of what the user might see or experience.

This in turn depends on the availability of constantly updated information, up-to-date and accurate market data, which is critical to Madura Garments for strategic decisions involving introduction of new products, quick response to customer needs, inventory management, and overall market competitiveness.

It is a source for benchmark analysis by category, fabric types, price points and product attributes. Doing fair practices, means no bias in the organisation. Delayed deliveries and missed opportunities continue to limit the growth of this channel. It's manufacturing division recently became the first apparel manufacturing unit to win one of India's most prestigious quality excellence award, the Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality award, instituted jointly by the Indian Merchants Chamber and the house of Bajaj.

The Indian footwear market experienced strong growth during after also having strong growth in The setup is manned by digital media experts besides a creative team that works closely with brands - moving response ideas to execution within a matter of minutes.

Glaxo smithline ltd Clairemont enterprises Emcure pharmaceuticals limited IPCA laboratories limited Saffron enterprises p ltd.In recent times, its sales took a real hit due to the slowdown and it decided to boost sales by exploring its brands, enhancing its portfolio by adding new items and accessories than just tweaking prices like Madura Garments did.

• Madura Garments recorded a 37% increase in its sales. • Targeted the working women’s wear: Age • Allen Solly also entered the into jeans segment • Madura garments extended concept of Women’s wear to Van Heusen and captured 25% of market share • Madura Garments brought international lifestyle brand Esprit to India & Peter.

Madura Garments, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo is India's leading apparel retail company. It consists of the brands: Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly and Peter England.

Apart from these it has a distribution agreement with the international brand Esprit for which it has opened exclusive. Since foraying into the Indian textiles scenario inMadura Garments, a division of Madura Coats tillhas been catering to the varied apparel needs of men, with brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly and Peter England.

[pic] 2. Need & Significance of the Project Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has a fast growing institutionalized sales business. In Decemberinstitutional sales hit an all time high of 4. 43 crores for a month. For FY12 institutional sales will account for Rs 14 crores with a high profitability (CBA).

Issue: Sales Organization and Sales Culture: Currently Madura Garments have 82 stores in India and 5 outside India. In India it has store across 50 cities in India, ranging from high streets like Connaught Place and South Ex to smaller towns like Bareilly, Karnal and Dehradun.

International presence inDubai, Sharjah, Qatar and Kathmandu.

Sales distribution of madura garments
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