Strategic management of haighs chocolate

In order to carry out the learning effect, the company needs to start with comprehensive training program that enables their employees to perform multi tasks within each store such as cashiering, stocking and sales presentation.

This is because having a single type is a risk in case of the collapse of the brand. Total weighted score 1.

Strategic Management of Haigh’s Chocolate

These dominant companies enjoy high brand and Strategic management of haighs chocolate loyalty and have significant resources to invest in advertising and promotions to protect and grow their market share.

In addition, the change in lifestyle of being more health consciousness would switch the spending of consumers in sweet or chocolate products to healthier substitutes. The company offers a unique blend of chocolates that helps in creating a competitive advantage owing to the local ingredients used in their production process.

Therefore the company may easily experience change of consumer loyalty, especially for adolescents. The report concludes by providing implementation plan to adopt the above recommendation that will help Haighs to remain competitive, sustainable and successful within its chosen market. They were the first ones to produce the bilby for Easter, it is now a continued tradition, and has created extreme awareness about the endangered marsupial.

It operates under the model of high vertical supply chain model. Furthermore, it is important not to compromise long-term profitability. It is an Australian made product with entirely Australian ingredients and packaging, which is another strength to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. Low Threats of New Entrants: It maintains high quality and introduces new products every year that manages the culture of the family successfully.

Strategic Management of Haigh’s Chocolate

Throughout Australia they employ staff members and each staff member is provided with a high level of training upon employment and throughout the duration of their employment in the company. The company also stated that in order to be energy efficiency, rainwater is collected and stored in large underground tanks, then filtered and Strategic management of haighs chocolate into steam providing indirect heat for cooking processes.

These dominant companies enjoy high brand and customer loyalty and have significant resources to invest in advertising and promotions to protect and grow their market share. On purchasing a product, customers are handed a chocolate they have not tried with a white glove.

Technology The introduction and the adoption of new technology have improved cost and operating efficiencies as well as reduced the need for labor for manufacturing, storing, delivery and distribution. CNN, However, barriers to entry are too high in Europe as there are diverse strong competitors.

The retail stores serve as the selling points of their products ensuring the company has control of the entire process from production to the sale of the finished products to the customers. They specialize in handmade and single origin chocolates from Australia and around the world.

This would be done through attaining high sales level that will ultimately lead to declining costs and making possible for the organization to reduce its price further. The company does not focus on mass media campaigns and yet the brand has still managed to grow very consistently.

Its vertical integration has built strong barriers to entry, which enables to protect its product quality and make it costly for a company to enter the industry. The Haigh manufacturing unit is the owned family business where the turnovers and the marketing strategies are followed and run with the economies that are making the run at the global level.

Social media helps the company to reduce marketing costs and reach a higher number of people within a short time.

Entry into the premium chocolate market would require new entrants a large capital investment for branding and product facilities.

There is high level of opportunity with respect to the growth and development in terms of gift offers and it is known as major corporate gifts and reward associations for company.

It would be a chance to let consumers knows that the company values their opinions and interests. Keeping in mind the advertising budget, it would be good to show Haigh's advertisement during the prime time i. They have not entered international markets since they had failed entering into Japan market due to pricing and developing new products for new market.

It also allows them to purchase the products therefore highly increasing their distribution levels. These the known competitors that are farmed when the market is meeting the demands and the supply chain management of the company is worked with the view to make the greater competitions in the market.

The practice ensures the company has sustainable resources that contribute to the long-term development or achievement of their goals Gravett, In addition, their recent factory upgrade was designed to consider energy and water conservation.

Economic factors During times of economic decline, consumer spending does decrease. The competitors of the organization are mainly there and these are Cadbury, Nestle and Mayfield chocolates.

However, the practice is often challenged due to the ability of the company to accommodate growth owing to the increasing volume of customer demands.Food and drink Marketing Economy Pricing Strategic management British brands Product management Haigh's Chocolates Marketing plan Prize Market segmentation Cadbury Simon Haigh Alfred Haigh.

This is an Essay / Project. Haigh’s chocolate is an Australian chocolate maker and one of the oldest family-owned businesses specializing in premium chocolates in Adelaide South Australia.

Founded in by Alfred Haigh, the company has more than employees in their factory, retail. The specialty of Haigh’s chocolates is that is that it is a family owned chocolate brand with respect to manufacturing and retailing. Selecting the chocolates is the special status of Haigh’s chocolates in the chocolate industry of Australia.

The founder known as Alfred Haigh began the small ice cream and dessert store in the 20 th century. Haigh’s /5(14K). Haigh's Chocolates is studied in terms of its swot analysis, competitors. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) have also been covered along with USP and tagline is studied in terms of its swot analysis, competitors.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) have also. The report in later section analyzes Haigh’s Chocolate’s position against its competitors using the SWOT analysis tool and concludes with certain recommendations based on the outcomes of analysis performed on Haigh’s Chocolate’s marketing strategy.

Essay Strategic Management. Strategic Management Section A: Objective Type (30 marks) • This section consists of multiple choice questions & Short notes type questions. • Answer all the questions.

• Part one questions carry 1 mark each & Part two questions carry 5 marks each. Part One: Multiple choices: 1.

Strategic management of haighs chocolate
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