Value stream mapping exercise for pro fishing boats

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Journalize the adjusting entries at July 31 on the books of Crane Video Company. TCO 6 An analytical tool used in six-sigma quality improvement programs is which of the following?

TCO 4 Which of the following is one of the categories of manufacturing inventory? The goods travel by train to Chicago, which takes about 7 days.

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TCO 7 Using the assembly-line balancing procedure, which of the following is the required cycle time in minutes per unit if the daily In fact PFB has no supplier visibility past Tier 1 suppliers. What is the efficiency of your new design? TCO 4 In making any decision that affects inventory size, which of the following costs do not need to be considered?

Do you include U. Assume that the lot sizing is done using a lot for lot.

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Solved October 18, that have been implemented? However, the total time needed for logistics is long. Assume that everything is transferred to the Kansas City distribution center by rail, where it is unloaded and quality checked.

Create a value stream map of this supply chain based on the symbols which can be found in exhibit The component is made up of two main raw materials: Which of the following is not considered a comp Task In a three-page paper, answer the following. It operates on a —day forecast, along with a weekly order.

Why or why not? Question 2 Information related to Mingenback Company for is summarized below. Manufacturing time for each component is only about 3 days. Subassembly builds up inventory early in the month to make certain that a buffer stock is always available.

Using the forms in the case, calculate the net requirements and planned order releases for the gearboxes For more course tutorials visit www. TCO 2 In development of an operations and supply chain For more course tutorials visit www.

You may already have Visio installed on your computer; if not, you can access the software from the iLab under Course Home. In talking to Manufacturing Inc. Shipment to the Pro Fishing warehouse takes 2 days. Approximate times per unit by operation number and equipment setup times are shown in Exhibit Already have an account?

Assume that 30 operations would still be performed each day. Pro Fishing Boat is a manufacturer of fishing boats, so these are probably functional and simple boats that every customer likes. Both categories of parts are multiple-sourced from about 80 vendors and are delivered at random times.

Assume that each order will be only for what is required for a single period.May 02,  · A value stream map is a tool to study a production flow in the implementation of lean manufacturing.

It plots the path of material and information from the supplier all the way through to the. CASE PRO FISHING BOATS: A VALUE STREAM MAPPING EXERCISE 5 A fishing boat manufacturer, Pro Fishing Boats, is having many problems with critical globally sourced parts.

At least 2 pages in APA format for the "Pro Fishing Boats - A Value Stream Mapping Exercise" (see attachment pages ) For this paper, analyze the case study answering the questions at.

In order to understand the supply chain, Pro Fishing has asked you to map its supply chain. To do so, it has identified a critical component to follow in the supply chain.

After having the opportunity to interview supply chain participants, including suppliers, you have collected the following information. Jun 15,  · Bass boat forums, kayak bass fishing, canoes, float tubes: friendly bass fishing forums with tons of helpful, knowledgeable people that know boats.

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Value stream mapping exercise for pro fishing boats
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